Yang Di’s Meeting with Klasko

The summary of the meeting with Klasko is as below:

Julianne confirmed that Klasko has received the materials for REF from FranVest. They have reviewed it and would submit it to the USCIS. They thought that the items and contents of materials complied with the requirement proposed by USCIS.
We discussed possible changes of the project and the losses incurred. Yang Di was very confused about how the investment funds was spent so quickly. Julie could not provide with any business advise to the investor, and she referred a business attorney to Mr. Yang. Yang Di asked me to contact with the business attorney to discuss the current situation and possible changes.
Julie confirmed that it would not be a material change if investor jump out from Fantastic Sams system and change to another management company to support salons. Julie also suggested that it would be the best if investor made any changes after the I-526 approval because it would take the least immigration risk. Yang Di accepted it and stated that he did not want any immigration risk in the process.
At this point of time, the top priority things Yang Di is concerning is I-526 approval. He would support his business during the process, and he would love to have an open discussion with FranVest and figure out the solution to turn his business around together.


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