Visit to the Salons

I, Sabrina, traveled to Milwaukee this week to visit your salons. It was a really great trip.

I spent a lot of time working with the team at Pt Loomis. The energy in the location was very low. They were a bit discouraged with the low volume and small staff. I worked with them extensively. We went through their specialties and talents. We worked out bios and descriptions for them. I got them to set up facebook pages and invite people to the page. I got them to send in pictures of their past work and got permission to post it on Facebook. I worked with them on their presentation skills to clients. I made them practice upselling at the chair and also when customers call in. The team is talented as far as hair skill level is concerned. The have had challenges upselling. I really challenged them on this. I went through example after example to help them understand how they have to upsell. I made them practice their pitch and presentation on me. The General Manager at the salon is very good. She is really enforces the rules and is hard on them, but balanced that with having a strong relationship with them.

The Pt Loomis salon is very unique. The talent of the team has a specialty skill set. Shevell can do african american hair which is a much higher ticket average. She is extremely talented at weaving. We added this service to the menu. I made her market this to her network. Chris is extremely talented as well. He is a little shy. I worked on him about this. I showed him that he has to bring his personality out in front of clients. I explained that he needs to be in this to win and really pushed him to be more outgoing when he needs to be and explained that he would be wasting his talent and career advancement if he doesn't learn this. He was very inspired and started upselling immediately. We also got him access to a new tool which allows him to create an additional charge with use. He was very pleased about this. He was discounting his following of customers to bring them frm his old salon to this salon. We have stopped any further discounting now that he has brought most of them over. This immediately has increased his ticket average. He went from a $11 ticket average last month to a $15 ticket average this month. We are really excited about his growth.

Dani responded immediately to the coaching. We have already seen a higher ticket average from her. Jessica is extremely talented. She is the one we want to market at the location because she is a natural behind the chair, she is very outgoing, and she has a huge facebook following. She is going to be very successful.

We went to bridal shops and networked with the managers there for the Styling Workshop Events. We surveyed the area, spoke to past advertisers, reviewed all advertising success and challenges from the beginning. We found that the advertising can not be blanketed because 4 sides of the salon neighbor very poor neighborhoods. They don't look like poor neighborhoods but the household income is 45k or lower. We believe this is why it was harder to get the ticket average up. The coupons were being utilized by the lower income clientele.

We found a tool which allows us to find out the household income by neighborhood. This was a HUGE win. Now we can target the marketing by the income of the neighborhoods to net the best results. We were very grateful to locate this tool. We can do some direct mail to higher household income now. We just have to find money to do it. It gives us hope though.

We also had another huge marketing. We visited a large local church and networked there for the afternoon. The church helped us to get connected with several community programs where we could get local media coverage. They also helped us to outline a program which would allow us to market regularly all of the pastors of the local churches under that denomination. What that means is we have access to market programs to all the pastors and all their church members. There is a list of 1500 pastors we will have access too. This group said that the will help us get the proposal approved by the bishop. The church membership base is between 50-700 members. The cost for this is nothing. It is free!!

Tuesday of next week the GM and the Manager will be going to all the local businesses to hand out business cards and coupons to the local businesses. The coupon will be $2 off.

We got a helium tank and put tons of balloons outside the building to attract attention. We also put the flags by the road. There is so much traffic on the main street but the way the store is set in the strip center it is hard to see. On top of that, I stood outside in 20 degree freezing weather waving down traffic and holding signs to get customers in. It worked. We had new customers coming into the salon. We made a note on the signs to say that a discounted price was only available IF they came in right now. It was a flash sale. It was here and gone in a flash. We are going to start instituting the flash sale if there are no customers in the store and stylist are working. We are doing this so that if they are there, they are seeing customers. We want them to be productive. I explained to them that if they are not seeing a customer, they need to be marketing. I told them cleaning is a priority but marketing is more important.

I have the church proposal to finish this week and I am setting up the first event. I made the team like, and push the message out through facebook and Jessica gained 7 customers the next day out of the effort. We are working very hard still. The location is still in danger, but there is hope for it.

Beloit is a beautiful store. I visited it to check on it. We are planning on putting it up for sale so that we can continue to work on Pt Loomis.

We are having trouble with the wifi so we have not been able to get the cameras on line. They are installed but not live yet. The internet provider has been called.


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