Visit to the Salons

I, Sabrina, visited your salons this week. It was a very good experience.

Whitnall is doing really well. The staff there is the best I've seen. They are smart, charming, professional, and talented. They also come with a following of customers which always helps. I wasn't able to spend a lot of time with each stylist because there was a whole waiting room of clients. Everyone there was so nice and just awesome. Their numbers are really good. They are very close to the first goal of $23.56 in ticket average. We went through all the past marketing that has worked and hasn't worked. We did a full analysis and determined what marketing we are going to do going forward. The GM is also the listed manager at this location and she has an assistant manager Mary. This store is performing on all levels. The ticket average is almost to its goal. The guest count is strong. The team is strong. It's a very pretty salon in a great location with great traffic and a high income clientele neighborhood. This salon was my favorite to visit. It's a great location.

Oakcreek. This salon is strong. The ticket average needs some work but it is still very new. The staff is very attractive and it draws in a male clientele. The ratio of men to women is 60% men and 40% women. You have a new manager there her name is Angelica. She has been working there from the beginning but has moved up to management after we let your previous manager go for insubordination and over scheduling. Angelica is a leader. She is very good with the girls and actually brought many of the staff over from a competitor. They brought their customers with them too. This location is on a very busy road. We are going to put some banners and balloons out to attract the drive by traffic. It's a HUGE salon and has many high schools around it so we want to target this salon for hosting events. The stylist are extremely talented and love doing updo's and styling so we are going to do styling workshops to draw in more female clientele. We also really pushed the stylist to start offering men's color to get the ticket averages up. This location is beautiful. The team is wonderful and they have a lot going for them. Evis is going to be the marketing champion. She is going to help us with the social media posting and obtaining reviews.

I got staff bios and they were very compelling. These girls are super passionate about their work. They provide a high quality service and they are eager to help the busines grow. We are in need of a ladder to hang the balloons for the passing by traffic to see. I'm working on that next week as well as setting up the first event there.


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