Visit to the Salons

I, Sabrina, visited your salons this week.

Booth of your salons have video cameras so I have been working with your staff on marketing efforts the last several weeks.

Your Janesville salon was over staffed. They did a mailer which they expected a big return from but did not receive much back. The location is in a great area. We found a tool online which allows us to pinpoint neighborhoods by mail route and it gives the financial information for the neighborhood. This is a huge win for us because we can get really specific about marketing to the higher income neighborhoods.

We helped your manager to let go 2 stylist while we are there to bring down payroll. We selected the two lowest performing stylists for the separation. We also worked heavily on the talent and skillset marketing of the team. This is a good team. They are energetic, dynamic, self motivated, talented and they have great personalities. We instituted a call system at your salons. I'm making the stylist call all past customers who visited the salon and thank them for giving us a chance in addition to asking them to return. The stylist were all busy with color clients who are a more expensive service so I was very pleased to see that. They provided evidence to me that they had visited a huge list of the local businesses. We went over the availability and the permitting needs for placing new temporary signs around the location to draw attention. We put reviews and pictures on your yelp pages, yellow page and facebook. We instituted a program for getting more customer reviews as well.

The Stylist here are very willing to do the marketing we need to get this store performing well. I really worked on the team here and getting them motivated to get the ticket average up and to succeed with this business. They were really excited at the visit. We are instituting a new monthly managers meeting for both your locations. The staff was really excited to have the meeting where they learn new techniques and get to practice them, they learn about company goals and they get to work on marketing objectives. This was occurring previously, but with all the staffing changes we had to halt it until we got everyone trained and settled in their new positions. We are ready to initiate this again.

We spent most of our marketing time with the economic development center. This company also manages the chamber of commerce. We are members if this organization. We have your manager and your stylist attending 3 monthly networking events. These events are attended by roughly 100-200 business people depending on the event. This is the right clientele. We were provided a list of roughly 500 members and their personal contact information. The stylist will be calling all the members and inviting them to the salon. I have to prepare a script for them next week as well as a marketing checklist, marketing goals and how they will be measured on the marketing they do for our reporting purposes. I got them to agree to give us a reduced rate on an advertising piece we can do with the chamber. It is very inexpensive marketing and it targeting the right clientele. This location is visible to the road and is right next to Applebees. We are going to utilize the traffic that goes through there.

We are looking at getting signs for the stylists cars. We are going to park the cars at the edge of the road so we can get attention from traffic. It is on a major road. We are also getting a handheld sign and will be having the stylist go outside with the handheld sign to draw traffic in for flash sales. These are signs that say a discounted price for service but it's only for right now. That way we don't hold a low price, but we gain new customers. I'm training the staff to also tell customers they are experienced and all color certified so they know we have higher quality stylist then the competition. We tested this and it worked in the initial tests. It's cold outside so we really have to make sure the stylist are going outside but this location I'm really confident about. The staff is just so motivated to make it a success. They are willing to do what it takes. I'm very pleased with them and the work we did there. We have a great strategy for bringing in clients immediately and then also growing long term with the right clients.

This location was being over staffed. We made the manager cut the schedule down. This location the manager is smart and talented but a bit on the less motivated side. She wants to buy the location at the end of the term though. Her GM and I really worked on her. We were going through all the marketing materials to prepare for the new marketing push and we found some hidden marketing flyers that were supposed to be handed out and weren't. We found these materials in front of the manager - Jess. She did not have a reason why she didn't hand them out and why they were hidden in the back. We explained that this needed to stop immediately. Her GM has been instructed to write her up and put her on a performance improvement plan for neglecting to complete her assigned tasks. The manager did respond well to the new responsibilities we are assigning to her which include every staff member not services a customer either needs to be out marketing for more customers or sent home, her included. She was very upset and scared for her job but at the same time willing to do what she needs to in order to make this work.

This location is in a good area. The strip center is thriving. The coupons are working. The staff is happy and motivated. I have been working with them on social media marketing. They are doing a good job at it and since our visit have even done better. The manager is going to need to be closely watched during the performance improvement plan which her GM - Christina is doing a good job with her. Jess has been following guidelines since we were at the location. She immediately implemented the most important tasks. She has been working closely with her GM and Christina is going to continue closely monitoring her.

This location we are instituting the Boutique model. Its a great location to have a banner to attract customers to the event. We have the first event planned there for Jan 30th. The location is beautiful. It's really nice. The area has great high household income neighborhoods. The staff had customers they were servicing while we were there so I didn't get to spend as much time with them. I spent a lot of time with the manager focusing her on understanding the numbers and helping her understand the consequences of improper staffing. I talked to her about her leadership skills and what she needs to do to lead this team. We went over and researched several groups she is members of on facebook and discussed a marketing strategy for her on those groups. She is going to be the marketing champion for the location. She is very personable and is intelligent. She cares about her staff which is great but we had to get her to understand how she is hurting them by overstaffing. We spent a lot of time in the numbers showing her how it looks like her team is unproductive because the clients are spread over too many staff and so everyone looks like they are performing poorly. She finally got it and immediately made adjustments to the schedule.

I feel really good about this location. I think they have a lot going for them. The stylist are all over facebook marketing the salon. I think this manager really needed a firm understanding and now we are back on track. The marketing should work well here. The staff has already been going out to market to businesses around the area. We will create handheld signs for them as well to draw customers in when they don't have customers in the chair.


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