Store Break In

The Beloit store was robbed. There was no forced entry. We told Christina to call the police. I messaged the insurance company, the franchisor and our operations manager. The keys were recently changed. Ann the manager had a key and one other employee who was opening the store. The inventory of keys was stolen as well as the cash register, the receipts bag and the cash bag. The insurance company requested the police report and set up a call to advise on the claim including lost revenue for the day it was closed while the police took finger prints and performed the investigation.

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  1. Sabrina Wall :

    Here is the list of what was stolen:

    My best estimate is
    Re key was $226.83
    Temp cash box $18.98
    File cabinet $50.00
    Printer that was damaged need to get price
    Cash drawer ( Darryl reordered )
    One full day being closed
    Till money for cash register ($100)

    We are filing a claim with the insurance company for damages.

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