Status Update Communication

Nihao Ying Wang,

We are writing to give you a quick update on your investment. Your current combined bank balance is $122,007. Your first location is doing very well, Whitnall. We are working on the ticket averages to increase the profitability of the location but we have a good number of guests and repeat guests. The location is performing well and we are nearing break even with it.

The second location just opened and did very well its first 2 weeks in business.

You have a new general manager. Her name is Christina. She has been doing a good job. She helped to make your Whitnall store such a successs. She was the manager of that location until we recently promoted her. She trained the assistant manager well and the assistant manager was promoted to the manager at Whitnall.

We are launching a new marketing campaign this month and will look to have a detailed financial plan for you that you can check month by month once we see the results of the marketing program.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are starting to get RFE's from the USCIS for our investors who filed around the same time as you, so we have not received yours yet, however we do expect it soon.

Hope all is well.



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