Status Update Communication

Nihao Yumei LV,

We are writing to give you a quick update on your investment status. You currently have $59,649 in combined bank account balances. Your stores are not performing as well as we would have liked. We are considering your investment at risk based on the capital remaining.

We have changed management at your locations both at the store management level and the general manager level. We have also changed stylist in some cases as well. Your new general manager is heavily on your 2 salons. In the last week we have seen improvement that has given us positive impression of how these changes will benefit your investment.

Currently we are working on a new marketing campaign. We will have the results of that campaign and a better picture of the management in the next 4 weeks. We believe that we will be believe we will be able to maintain the investment without an additional capital call, however one may be required at a later date.

We have put the third location on hold in an effort to focus the resources on your current locations. We are here to help you and discuss this with you.



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