Status Update Communication

Nihao Zhu Xia,

We are messaging to give you a status update. We are in the process of finalizing your first and second lease.

We have received our first I526 approval for another investors project which is similar to yours.

We do have a concern about the investment based on information we have uncovered in the process. We are finding the locations are taking much longer to break even than originally anticipated and planned for. We do not feel that the investment will be able to open your third store until at least year 3 or 4 of the business if at all. We were going through a series of tests to see if this holds true under various circumstances. We recently concluded that in most normal situations the ramp up time was significantly longer than planned.

We would like to get your feedback on how you want to proceed based on this new information. Your market is under the Fantastic Sams corporate umbrella and therefore does have additional support and resources available to it that other salons do not, but we want to give you the option to discuss the plan for your stores before we move forward on your leases. Please respond to us by October 23rd, or sooner if possible. Thank you.



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