Second Store update

Dear all,
I do understand all the efforts are made in having the location ready. I’m not sure if we are already granted such location or should Starbucks simple say go away we are back to ground zero. Moreover, as per last postings in this regard, we do not have any clue on when we are going to be able to open the location…
Could you please bring a little more grounding on this subject? I'm thankful on that.
Best Regards

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  1. Amanda Ramirez :

    Hello Mr Alcides,

    Starbucks has accepted HWY55 into the center and they are now finishing up negotiations with Publix. Starbucks is the big boss in these centers, and they have a right to choose all of their tenants before they execute the Lease.

    We will be able to execute and it is now a matter of days. It is still scheduled to turn over the keys in the third quarter of the year and everyone is working extremely hard to make this happen. We will keep you updated, but hang tight, we are at the finish line and this will be a great, great spot !!!

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