Salons closing

Sweetwater has run out of capital prior to our ability to complete a sale of Otto. We are in the process of closing Sweetwater in order to stop accruing payroll. We will continue the process of selling Otto and will use that capital to reopen Sweetwater when it becomes available. The only other option would be a temporary capital contribution.

I visited Sweetwater recently and had a positive experience as it relates to the community program we can institute there, the staff at the location and the ability to grow that business. Unfortunately, we just ran out of time. We are proceeding with the next steps of the sale and will keep you posted as to whether or not we can reopen.

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  1. Sabrina Wall :

    The staff is proceeding as usual. We don’t want to notify them until we have to because we don’t want them to quit.

    Here are events they have planned.

    I just wanted to update you on events that Sweetwater has been working on:

    Friday March 11th- MOR Furniture is having a VIP night and invited Claudia to set up a table. It is from 6-9pm. We donated 2 free haircuts for their raffle.

    March 29th- Color Event- 50% off Color for 1st time color clients. Goal is 15-20 color services.

    LA Fitness- she is working with them on doing their events and will get dates to set up. We will need marketing cards and table cloth for this event.

    One of their clients is on the Board at the National City School District. I talked to her today about doing a fundraiser. We can do the Fantastic Forward cards, which is for every person that brings in the card we donate a $1.00 to the school.
    There are 10 schools in the district with 6,000 students.
    There is a card on the marketing hub that we can print 5000 for $95.00, it is business card size.

    I think this would be great to get done before the school year ends.

    Open House Event will be April 14th.

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