Performance Updates

Plaza Blvd: Planning color event on April 11th. Need team to promote, they have promotional cards. Lisa setting up event promotion on Facebook. Setting goals for the event with the team. Lisa is looking to potentially hire a new team member who is a go-getter. Need to fire the team up. Team indicated they are going out with marketing efforts. Pricing may be impacting clients. Upselling has been difficult here. Sign Spinner is coming. with removable Flash Sale pricing. Facebook presence is good. Want to do mailer with Sweetwater. Need marketing cards for stylist. Need to place Stacy on performance improvement plan. Sign spinner in place by 4/8/16.

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  1. Sabrina Wall :

    The update above was on 3/30 in our system.

    We are replacing Stacy. We are looking for a new manager now.

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