November 2015 – Performance & Marketing Updates

Surf City is close to break even.
Working on live remote for Surf City on Dec 5. This is where the radio station comes to the location and promotes the events.
Surf City is doing well.

Last Sat - Live radio remote. Neighbors in plaza didn't participate. Did $4.99 haircut special. They had high sales of $1,000 that day. Everything flowed well that day. It was an awesome day with 89 guests. They had 8 stylist plus Vicky. Ticket average was $14.03. Bayshore is doing well and trending properly. The plaza is still in a construction zone so that is a challenge we are working through, however the salon is still trending properly.

Carolina Beach
We are doing a thorough evaluation of this location. When we look at the history, the manager got very sick. She was in the hospital for 6 weeks. Regina's mother (General manager) died as well. Christina is back now and feeling better. Regina is back too. The manager glitch is causing some of the issues with this store. We are going to re-evaluate in 30 days before talking to you or making a decision. We think we can turn it around. We are at full price on the hair cuts at all locations at $15.

General for area and your salons
We are doing a gift card sale. It is a huge promotion this time of year. We are going to do a hair color package. We are focused on color packages instead of cheap haircuts. Always be Fantastic package is the promotion name.

Regina has been going through a stressful time with her mom passing. This week she is back full speed.

The region has NAF (National Advertising Fund) money. There is $20,000 that needs to be spent in the region before the end of the year so we plan to hit the area hard with a marketing blitz.

Also we are doing a social media advertising campaign to get customers into the stores through color promotions.

Dick and Bonnie are going to send me the marketing plan for the NAF account.

Your balance remains low so we are still considering the situation critical, however they are performing better now.


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