Performance & Marketing Updates

Sweetwater did 80 guests over the weekend. It's been super busy and its a color salon, which means it has a higher ticket average.They had a record in sales. 200 or more at 4 weeks in a row. New guests over 100 for last 4 weeks. Repeats are moving upward. They have been in the 70's we are hoping to see them move to the next level in the next weeks. Ticket average is moving up, $15.37 and PPH was the highest it has been. Pushing management and staff to focus on products. Sign guys is putting postit notes on cars in the shopping centers. We told Lisa to trim the hours even more so we are working on the payroll hours.

Otto Plaza - Materials have not been pulled out of Otto yet. We are hiring a moving company to uninstall and pack up all the assets so that we can sell them for a good price which will add capital to Sweetwater. Lisa is going to stop by this week and check on it and then uninstall washer and dryer and get the boxes needed. Otto Plaza was officially closed on 11/05/2015.


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