Performance & Marketing Updates

Both locations are struggling.

Loomis - We moved the store opened hours to 9-5 for every day except Sunday which is 11-4. There is no manager at this locations. The root issue at this location is the staffing. There is one strong team leader who we are considering training for management. We are considering a potential probationary period. We having found anyone qualified through the interviews and this is an extremely important part of having a successful location. The potential manager can step up but she needs the proper coaching or training. If we can focus a lot on training her we should be able to move her into being a strong leader.

Pt Loomis is a hard spot - they are opening a national retailer in the plaza but it's not opened yet. It doesn't get a huge amount of attention from the main road because of where it is located in the plaza. The average traffic is however 33k cars a day. Loomis had a loss of roughly 9k last month.

Beloit - has 16.5k cars a day. That area doesn't bring a lot of people. The Walmart across the street brings in a ton of traffic, but doesn't get a ton of traffic into the strip center they are in. Beloit had a loss of 15k last month.

Without a capital call we need to close the Beloit location quickly. We are looking for a buyer to potentially sell it.

The hourly wage is $10 production and $8 non production for employees at that location. We reduced the staff down to where there are 2 people working at one time.

We are doing a marketing push to see if we can see hope of a turn around in the next week.

Thanksgiving promotion across the board. The mailer we are going to do is going to 1,500 businesses. The offer is a $7.99 coupon haircut and $10 off color.


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