Performance & Marketing Updates

You have one struggling location and one new location.

Janesville - We had to take the hours down to 9-5 except for 11-4 on Sunday. We are still trying to find a manager and staff for that store. There is no manager. There is 1 strong employee that is being a team leader. Every interviewee is not qualified. There are 5 employees now. Craigslist and Indeed ads have been placed. We have added some cities to the ads to try and draw more qualified managers from surrounding towns and areas. This location is struggling because the staffing issue has not been corrected yet. Once we get better staff, we will do an under new management campaign to draw customers in.

Menominee - New staff has been hired, 3 new stylist. This location should be fully functioning shortly. We are planning training day for the staff to learn new hair techniques and learn about customer service and increasing ticket average. Last week this location has about 120 guests and the revenue was around $1,400. That's a slight decrease from the previous weeks.

We are doing a Thanksgiving Day (holiday) promotion across the board. We are doing a mailer which will go to 1,500 businesses. It is a $7.99 coupon haircut and $10 off color.

This area is doing a marketing push. We are doing a social media campaign focused on color in order to have higher ticket averages and sales. We are also doing the direct mailer and several other standard marketing channels such as coupons in the area.


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