Performance & Marketing Updates

Oak Creek -
This is the newer location. It is doing well and is staffed well. We have a new employee who is coming on full time in the first week in Dec. We are getting the manager trained with what she is supposed to be doing. We are checking her daily. We are planning a price increase for the location to $9.99 in the first week of Dec. This is still a young store. We are watching to make sure payroll is aligned with revenue, this is difficult to do in the ramp up, but the store started strong and is doing well. We are posed to do well there.

Whitnall -
Instituting a gift certificate program to sell more in December. We are doing well but not growing. It is constant. We brought in $13k last month. We want to see a path for Whitnall getting to BE. We are still at a loss of around 8k a month. Payroll is 66% of revenue which is only 6% higher than it is supposed to be while growing the guest count. We have a strong ticket average. The guest counts there has been slowing down. We are going to do another direct mail for Whitnall to get more customers in. We are working on the direct mail for this week. We are also doing a bounce back $5 gift cert. to be used towards services of $10 or more, not valid with any other offer.

This area is doing a marketing push. We are doing a social media campaign focused on color in order to have higher ticket averages and sales. We are also doing the direct mailer and several other standard marketing channels such as coupons in the area.


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