Performance & Marketing Updates

This salon is trending upward. They had sales of almost $2,000 last week. About 4 weeks ago the sales were at $800 a week so we are seeing an improvement there.
The guest count is still low at about 90 guests.

Working on having the radio statio do a live remote for Masonboro on Dec 12. Masonboro sales for last week is around $1,100 and its guest count was at 95. These are still low numbers while improving slightly from previous week we still have a way to go to get this store to perform.

General for area and your salons
We are doing a gift card sale. It is a huge promotion this time of year. We are going to do a hair color package. We are focused on color packages instead of cheap haircuts. Always be Fantastic package is the promotion name.

Regina has been going through a stressful time with her mom passing (your General Manager). This week she is back full speed.

The region has NAF (National Advertising Fund) money. There is $20,000 that needs to be spent in the region before the end of the year so we plan to hit the area hard with a marketing blitz.

Also we are doing a social media advertising campaign to get customers into the stores through color promotions.


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