Performance and Marketing Updates

Customer thank you calls were made for the Mission location. We are working through the Vista calls this week. The goal of the call is to create customer loyalty, thank them for their business and remind them to visit the salon again.

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  1. Sabrina Wall :

    Calls to thank customers have been completed at both salons. Here are some of the responses from customers and your manager there.

    Customer said, “Thanks for that voicemail from your Vista Store.”

    Vista has gotten an overwhelming amount of callbacks from guest reporting a missed call from our salon number. One gentleman came in shortly after his call and thanked our salon manager for the call. He and his family are regulars, and he was so happy to get a thank you call.

    The manager there was sitting at Visa answering the phones every 2-3 minutes. He reported that it was a good opportunity to ask the guest about their last experience here and also ask when they are coming back. He said he is blown away by the response.

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