Performance and Marketing Updates

Fallbrook -
This location slowed way down after the grand opening. However we still did 3k in sales. We look for $4,000- $4,500 per week as a typical break even. We are going to do a $4.99 haircut special pricing event for a couple weeks. We won't hold it at that really low price for a long time, but it really helps to get customers in the locations. Right now we have to build the customer list.

Oceanside East -
This location had a record repeat guest count week with 111 repeats, this is 30 over what we have been seeing. This is showing good signs of continuing to grow. That was a big jump. The store had the highest PPH (production per hour means how much revenue the stylist is bringing in per hour) they have ever had. We are getting payroll to where it needs to be. We are going to do the Grand Opening program again, to jumpstart guest counts.


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