Performance and Marketing Updates

E Escondido- east had a guest count at almost 200. It hit a record repeat customers week. That area has been a little harder in ticket average (dollars the customer spends while getting their service) department. The rents are a little cheaper which is a good thing, but we are watching it closely.

W Escondido- This location hit a record in repeat in guests last week. It had 100 new guests and a total guest count of 198. This is important. The guest counts are moving up. This is the main metric because it means your team is doing a good job. The guest are coming back so as old guests come back and we keep adding new guests, that's how we get to profitable salons. The ticket averages is tougher at this location.

We are going to reassess in 1 month. They are both viable locations. They are moving in the right direction, but may not get there fast enough. Both locations are trending properly.


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