Performance and Marketing Updates

Mission Ave - It hit a record in repeats customers last week. Strong new guests (148) with over 200 customers. We are on the way to 300 guests. Going to increase the price to $9.99. We feel good about that. The starting price was $6.99, but now that we have built the customer base we feel it is safe to start the gradual increase on price.

Vista - Vista North's price increase is $12.99. That happens today. We were waiting for the banner. This location has great repeat customers. We are still getting a lot of new guests. The increase should help cashflow. We should have a $4,000 week coming up here. We are close to break even. The marketing is still working. We scaled back on sign holders (marketing technique). We will continue to pay attention to payroll.

These are viable locations. They are moving in the right direction. The money is really tight though. It is going to be close to make get it there in time, but we may run out of capital first. It won't take a lot more capital, but it may take some.

Based on the plan, the suggested additional capital request is around $33,000.


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