Performance and Marketing Updates

-Bayshore: There is so much construction here. Staff and customers are getting flat tires from construction. Customers can't park. There are 2 restaurants opening in the next 3 weeks next to the salon. That is why we are having live remote in November instead of now. (grand opening) We are trying to get other stores in the plaza to join the grand opening and share the cost. This will allow us to get more time with the radio station at the location. The store is open for 11 hours a day. Automatic every day you are going to have 22 hours in payroll cost. We have tight controls on this. We have safety protocol that 2 stylists need to be there no matter what. Despite all of that, the salon is already showing good growth in guest count and revenue.

-Surf City: Small decline here so we are investigating. We did a pay scale adjusted and payroll hours are being tightly monitored for these locations. Managers are reviewing the hours daily and consequences implemented for going outside of their allotted hours. We are doing a call to all past customers to thank them and encourage them to come back.

-Carolina Beach: Regina has scheduled 1 on 1 time with each manager. Manager is going over the numbers in the dashboard and making sure they really understand the PPH, the ticket average, the guests. That's the best thing she can do.

Starting an advertisement on the TV and Radio for 3 weeks, starts the 26th of Oct. $29.95 highlights promotion. $9.95 cuts. We are paying for this out of the NAF fund not your account. We are calling all your customers at Carolina Beach and Surf City and thanking them for coming in.

We are doing eblasts you your customers to promote different specials each month. We have a meeting with the social media advertising provider in the next 2 weeks to increase engagement and coupons through your social media pages.


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