Performance and Marketing Updates

-Military Cutoff:
Trending upward

Getting traction on sales and on guest count. Tracy hired girls locally that are doing well there. It is not part of the Wilmington market. It is just outside of it. It has been a struggle to staff Leland, but new stylist are experienced and have guests they are bringing to the salon. We feel this location will break even soon.

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  1. Sabrina Wall :

    Military Cutoff
    Revenue for the week was $2,500 and guest count is down to 100. We believe this is a temporary issue with the manager being sick.

    Increase in sales to $2,500. This was the target for this location. Guest count was 95. Good week for Leland.

  2. Sabrina Wall :

    October financials show a $2,714 loss for both stores. Almost at Break Even!!!!! Yay!!
    -Military Cutoff – Landfall
    October financials show 37% of payroll – GREAT JOB! Supposed to be between 40-60%
    Loss of $950 – almost at break even!

    October financials show 56% of payroll
    Loss of $1,764 – Getting close to break even. Need another sales push- strategizing with local team about holiday promotions.

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