Performance and Marketing Updates

-Independence: Small decline here so we investigated. Manager just became pregnant and is having morning sickness. We are assessing whether or not she is going to be able to complete the work during this time. We are looking at options. She is a good manager. We will keep close watch on this.

-Masonboro: Getting traction on sales and on guest count. Good manager there that is competitive and is pushing herself to grow the counts.

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  1. Sabrina Wall :

    Sales are down this week to just under $1,500. Guest count is at 85 guests last week. We believe this is a temporary issue.

    Sales took a big jump forward with week with an $800 increase. They are at around $1,600 this week. Guest count is increased from 75 to 110.

  2. Sabrina Wall :

    Total investment loss $15,795 in Oct
    October financials show this salon at 100% of payroll
    Working to bring that number down
    Loss of $7,903 in Oct

    October financials show this salon at 130% of revenue.
    Working to bring the number down. Changing store hours.
    Loss of $7,892 in Oct

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