Performance and Marketing Updates

Nihao Liu Shuyan,

Your location, Military Cutoff, is almost at break even, this is great news for all of us! We are at 37% of payroll, and we are doing everything we can to increase the numbers.We've had several meetings with our management team last week and are going to try a new marketing strategy. Since we are now focusing on not only haircuts but color as well, we want to utilize our great team of professional stylists and position them as experts in the hairsalon market, which they are. We want to create a package that will have our stylists, their level of experience, and let the customers choose which stylists they want to go with. We are also starting to organize holiday events to bring customers in, we eventually want to have a senior day, ladies night, guys night out. Our team is creating a marketing plan to start implementing these changes, keep the price up and promote color.

Leland is also very close to breaking even, this location is a major success store, we are so proud of it! It is currently showing 56% of payroll and it needs a sales push, which we are working on.


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