Performance and Marketing Updates

Plans were submitted this morning for Chula Vista. Florin was told they are very busy and it will be 3-5 weeks for first turnover from the city.

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  1. Li Ruigang :


  2. Li Ruigang :

    Sabrina 你好,一直没有登陆网站,所以邮件现在才看到,因为我的英语不好,只能与你用中文沟通了。首先感谢在我们去美国期间安排同事在店址接待我们,再次感谢一直以来你们辛苦的工作,知道你们在尽力工作,也十分相信与信任你们的工作,作为投资人十分关心店面工作进展也是应该的,希望您能理解,我只是希望第一家店面尽快开业,不影响投资移民取得绿卡的评估,再次感谢!

  3. Li Ruigang :

    另外,第二家店面地址租赁合同我已签字,纸质文件已经快递给KVB公司David hou,估计你们很快就会收到!谢谢!

  4. Sabrina Wall :

    Translated Version of the text

    Hello , may I ask the first store open for business yet? Thank you!

    Sabrina Hello , there has been no landing site, so email now I see , because my English is not good, and you can only communicate with the Chinese . First, thanks to the United States scheduled during our colleagues in the shop for us, thank you have been working hard again , know what you’re trying to work, but also strongly believe and trust in your work , as investors are also very concerned about the progress of the store should be I hope you can understand , I just want to first store opened as soon as possible , without prejudice to the assessment made ​​investment immigration green card , thanks again !

    In addition, the second store address lease contracts I have signed a paper document has to KVB courier company David hou, guess you will soon receive ! Thank you!

  5. Sabrina Wall :

    Hi Li Ruigang,

    Your first store is open Jamacha at Washington Plaza. I will be entering some performance metrics for you later today. The second store (Chula Vista) is still awaiting permits from the city. We are planning on stalling the opening of the second store just a little bit in order to give the first store a chance to get to break even. The Chula Vista store will be the new design but the plaza is still being rented and renovated as the new landlords have just taken possession of it this year. We want to be conservative about your growth plans so we feel it is best to really focus on your first store and getting it very close to break even, then getting the second store going. You will have plenty of employees. We hope all is well and we will be giving you more formal weekly posts on the stores weekly progress starting this week.


  6. Li Ruigang :


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