Owners Meeting

They asked about the profitability of the salons. We discuss the management. We explained there was a poor performing manager in the location. We replaced the GM, much of the staff and we have a temporary manager in there now, but are still looking for the permanent manager.

They asked about winter season and how we plan to market.

They want a copy of the proforma and budget through email.

They want pictures, photos and video of salon. Outside with the address, short video clip - use wechat. mo_5300 is her username and add her on the We Chat and David.

She can access drop box and smart vault. She wants copy's of the bills and receipts not the spreadsheet. We discussed that we would do a month and then start the backlog. The immigration attorneys have informed us that they don't accept electronic forms of the receipts. They want hard copies so all the local receipts are in hard copy.

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  1. Sabrina Wall :

    Owners requested a copy of the business plan and the marketing plan. Each were sent via email.

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