Owners Meeting

Dashboard is not coming weekly. He asked that it be resent.

He asked for projections. Maria said she can send that but it is just a projection. She said that his P&L for Feb should be loaded today.

March will come several weeks afterward.

Then it should come between the 10-15th of each month.

Liu Boyu asked for the information and said it should have been sent last week. Maria said yes she would send it today. She said that he needs to continue funding the stores monthly. He said yes he understands.

He asked if it was another 50k. She said that on average it is between 8k to 15k to cover both stores. It can vary. It depends on how we are growing each store.

He wants to give a certain amount for a certain period. He wants to see how much he can sell it for eventually. He wants to get approved on the 526 and then decide what to do.

Maria is saying let's take it month by month. He said okay.

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  1. Sabrina Wall :

    Supersalon’s auto reports seem to be having problems. I didn’t get the weekly report either, even though its set up. We set up Liu Boyu to receive the weekly for each of his salons.

    I reported the issue to SuperSalon’s tech support. I’ll follow back up with them.

    Regards, Darryl

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