Owners Meeting

Mr Yang had a skype call with Maria and Sabrina. Mr Yang's questions were on the RFE first. The problem is the situation closed 1 location. He asked if there are any problems with the application. We told him we can not guarantee anything. We can work to provide the immigration services with what they are asking for. We communicate with his attorney. They advise us on how to prepare the document for the best potential outcome. Then we comply with them.

We had difficulty setting up the skype call. We ran out of time today to discuss the locations. Mr. Yang said we need to talk about them and requested a meeting next week at 9pm EST on Wed 4/27. He would like to have an in depth discussion on the management and look at the progress of the stores on that call.

We advised him to reach out to Amanda with any questions on his visa application. He confirmed he has Amanda's email.


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