Owners Meeting

Jacky wants us to focus on the client stylist relationship. He said his dad has been with his stylist for 10 years. He wants us to focus on the existing clients. He wants us to really maximize that. From his experience, he is more comfortable to work with a stylist he has worked with before. It creates loyalty. He is looking for that engagement.

Price - right kind of customers at a higher ticket average. He totally agrees with that strategy.

Agreement - He doesn't want profit distribution to happen before buffer of 35k is in the account which is 3 months. He was asking for this. He doesn't want to pay more money after distributions were made. After they review the agreement he will start the transfer.

Transfer - He wants to transfer funds to his personal account and from there transfer it to the business. The fees were very high before. He has an easy way to get money through this. He wants this to be a short term loan not part of the initial investment.

Meetings- he wants to have biweekly update meetings. Lauren to schedule a meeting after next week.

USCIS - he wants us to take his business seriously. He never doubted us but he is concerned about the training we gave our local teams and managers. He wants to make sure we are communicating at that level to the team.

Recordings - please send him the sessions.

P&L Dec- increased rate of 2 stores is still down. The second store in Surf City and the third store in Bayshore. He didn't see increased revenue. He thought it was a holiday and it would be better.


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