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Message after visit to salon.

Sabrina Reply:
Yes we have a truck that serves as an additional sign. We are getting the price changed on the truck sign and then it will be put out near the street to draw in additional traffic. I beleive we just ordered flags signs to be out by the road for your locations as well.

There is competition in the area. That is correct. The shops around are different types of salons. They are not our type which is why we felt it was a strong location. Also the area is densely populated so their are enough customers to pull from.
On Dec 31, 2015 11:37 PM, "温立新" wrote:

Hi Sabrina

According to my wife said, the first store signs conspicuous enough.Can you improve it in time.

Surrounded by many barber shops, how do you consider the issue of competition.

I wish the cooperation happy.


LiXin Wen


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