Owner Update

Wang Ying called a meeting. They requested the financial statements. I explained they are in the portal. They asked that the be emailed. I explained that we don't want to do that because it is not secure. I explained we are switching accountants and the new accountant will have a portal where they can download statements at any time through the month.

13911802275@139.com please email statements here for Dec and they will check the new accountants portal. They are downloading the information from the portal on his phone so it is slow.

She (I believe his wife) said she wants to go there and give the customers gifts so they know we appreciate them. She asked if we could give seniors, students and disabled a discount. She asked if we are giving coffee and water to customers. We said yes we do that.

They asked how the marketing was going. I talked about the customer base from the existing stylist. We talked about marketing strategies for each store. Whitnall we are going to do Direct Mail since it has returned the best results so far and Oakcreek we are going to do marketing to the high schools and increase signage as the primary methods.

They are going to visit the stores at the end of Feb. I provided them Christina's contact information which is their manager.

Comments (3)

  1. Wang Ying :

    希望大家共同努力,把店开得越来越好!大家要团结,对顾客热情,要有信心,认真微笑服务于每一位客人!Thank you 21-1-2016 Wang ying

  2. Sabrina Wall :

    English translation: I hope we work together to open the shop better and better! We have to unite, to customer enthusiasm, have confidence, serious smile to every guest!

  3. Sabrina Wall :

    I asked your manager to distribute your message to the team.

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