Owner Meeting

Discussed the accounting transfer and said that the previous firm had Quickbooks and new firm doesn't have the same system. We had to modify and accommodate for that. The accountant didn't want to take the previous accountants work for liability reasons so they had to rebuild the whole bookkeeping records.

Talk about Sarah, he doesn't want to prosecute if it is under $100. What we saw was a bottle of CHI product stolen and a CHI bowl and color bottle which is around $25-$30.

Monkey Junction - what was the total loss. $296. He asked if we filed a the insurance claim. I explained we sent to the insurance agent.

He asked for a full report of each store, marketing activity, managers reports and customer report. He asked for us to go through the growth charts with him. We did that and looked at the trends. All 3 stores are trending upward.

We discussed individual management issues at each location. Discussed Surf City mis-order which caused her to not have product to sell and effected sales in April. Losing one stylist there in June. Recruiting now and have a new stylists with customers who is really great. We discussed Carolina Beach progress and issues with the break in. We discussed the issue with Bayshore and Sarah, staffing changes there with 2 stylists. We talked about the manager Christine and her individual challenges with the staff. Helping her overcome drama and leadership training instead of just management.

They went through numbers together again with Maria. Discussed revenue and balances.

He wants to know when they will break even. We don't know exactly, but we are seeing a positive trend.


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