Owner Meeting

Had a phone conference with Liu Boyu.

I explained why the investment was losing so much per week in the beginning. The reason was because of the deep discounting on prices we did in order to draw customers in to build customer count.

We had a translator on the call but he can read, speak English and understand it. No interpreter is needed for him.
We needed to confirm his email. He is saying he can't login.
He asked that we send an email to the one that was provided and copy this email IiU.boyu@hotmail.com

He asked about the capital call and when we would need the money. I said 2 months if needed, but right now it is stabilizing. We are closely watching it though and will continue to update the portal every week. He asked if the bank balances would be updated as well. I told him yes on the message board titled "Combined Bank Balances."

He asked how many employees we have now - I said approximately 10.

He asked how quickly he can be sent the access. I said we would get it to him right away. He said he will be checking the portal for updates.

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    My email address is liu.boyu@hotmail.com


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