Monthly Meeting 7/7/17

Attendees: Sabrina Wall
Alcides Ferreira
Amanda Ramirez

AF: Is 40% food cost
he is keen on reading to commentaries on the FB. Taylors - morning shift is more mature. night shift is still in progress.
If you take too much for the order. for that sense, is there any kind of action for streaming the employees to fewer number but better employees. A large number of people but doesn't mean good service.
there is a point you can balance. that is the main challenge for preston at this time.
JR: I talked to preston about it. he has to recognize that there is a handful. He's getting the bad ones out. make sure they are trained correctly and they learn the job the right way.
He is aware of some of those. first job you ever had, you are either good at it or you're not. we are all aware of that. that happens. do something about it when you are not figuring the job out.
he doesn't look at the social media reviews.
there is a store in myrtle beach. these stores he doesn't get a lot of them.
Spartanburg cost is fixed and payroll is fixed.
AF: Problem in Spartanburg is low sales volume
AF: Costs are good
JR spartanburg coupons are home, giving some food away to increase foot traffic.
should see positive results from that. we have specific buttons pressed for each coupon. specific ones. adjust based on result. that will take a month to get coupons in the rest and see how the coupons will look.
AF: he sent a message to Preston and JR. He was wrong and needs to correct. Coupon. Makes customers coming back. He fully understands the key indicators we have to monitor.
Sales volume
AF: he found it challenging for the ladies. write. reverse the order you get something different. when you are just starting, it is tricky. this is actually something about attitude. I was there and the restuarant was not good. This is the kind of things, a lot more attitude. fine it was not there. we need to train. it is something that is made on the store. our intelligence is much more on how to promote sales. I don't know if you can plan an event. Auto clubs. Shake the grounds there where people see a lot of people coming. We need to heat up the region and the place so people can return to the store.
He was on the cameras from 6-7 and both stores were completely empty.
4th of july was a bad day. fireworks show.
Try to promote on certain days.
JR: the stores that I have, summer time, people go to the beach.
Taylors I'm not a 100% sure because we are new there . While we have fewer customers, we need to control their costs really well.
There is profitability there, you just have to control your costs. You can make money with 10-11k a week.
AF: that is clearly why you have a positive or negative p&l. if you dont have good sales but you have tight control on costs, you still do well.
at year end its not a good spot - summer, winter when do they go to the store.
JR: every location has a unique story. Christmas time everybody is out there.
Both of these stores are not in prime shopping locations. There may be a situation there is no peak. it is all steady. not sure where they have a big spike.
no migration here. good solid areas. Spartanburg. that may be where they are going to be at. tax time is a little better because people have more money from returns.
control costs because it is steady.
Jordan has helped in Spartanburg. See that on the reports.
he is more in tune with the service there. not a lot of time off. him being there is going to help because he is present in the restaurant. he is a positive person. Patrick was constantly gripping.
different mindset.
the atmosphere is better. comments on facebook saying the same. people are moving differently in the cameras. see the tables are all clean. the floors are clean. before they were behind.
JR: food quality is a lot better there too.
It's not very bad for very long. so we will be able to capture customers. Jordan, not going to double the volume in 6 months. make money off of what we are doing now. If you can notice it from a camera you better believe people can notice it.
AF: we need to control costs. stable sales. leaving taylors. introduced the app for the loyalty program. is that possible from that source that we can send them specials or provoke them to come to the store?
JR: they are doing it now and did it last week.
AF: you can turn the notifications off.
JR: we are trying to find some way to resolve. if you turn notifications off, you miss the offers.
AF: new flavor. deserts. how do we promote those things. birthday parties. your things on the mind of people.
give them a promotion that will effectively be able to receive that kind of benefit. it's an idea. people tend to be more keen on the message.
JR: andy and them are working on it. promotions and coupons through email, not through the app. they sould have that resolved quickly because they are pushing the app and get it resolved. push all the customers to the app.
we are in the money making business not the food cost business. that is more important.
SW: talked about community events and centers
AF: that would be a perfect moment
3 pm for instance is the perfect time. getting people there when the store is not full.
Celebrate your party here get
___ SW reach out to Andy to figure out how to do the events.
Make them fans of the store, the food and the expereince
AF: he truly believes this is for every single store. vacancy times.
fill the house and make whatever fun they have. we don't want it at other times.
JR: focus on the high schoolers during the school year. milk shake and a cheese fry for $4.
get them in the habit of eating at our restaurant. get in the habit after events.
This is where we always go after games.
not a lot of money there
not a high income area
not a lot of extra money
M-F look at that
AF: that is an interesting thing. That goes straight to the people.
like the coupons. but sometimes you spend hundreds and you get a few.
Harley Davidson - son of a collector.
there is one near by. be driven to what can attract people, make noise and bring attention.
SW: flags are effective.
JR: Spartanburg maybe. Taylors may not let us. He will want to put
AF: he has been concerned about this
we are making losses not profit. how are we going to pay as we go.
he was expecting to get money from the business. almost 2 years and he has no cents from the business. now he gets a breaking jaw.
when do people go to the store. never. we are not selling. we are not attracting customers. we are destroying with poor customer service.
he needs to see what he can do. he has his money
its completely out of management. its not logical.
he needs to put his shoes on it or he will lose more money.
bad notice, bad time.
he would like to see what jr
AF: he is upset. this is horrible. I wouldn't like to do this. how do we change this logic
I see good intension on JR. but no results. there is not cash generation even to pay the bills. we are talking about negative cashflow. we need to put more focus on that.
he wants to write terms because he wants the money back. He will how he can do it.


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