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Sabrina and Amanda,

I was just thinking on how we can increase sales and was researching other facebook pages (Hwy stores) to understand customer behaviour.

I see most of the stores have an average of rating 4+, which means we are progressing, but still a lot to improve on customer satisfaction. In those cases I saw, most of the claims are related to long waiting time to attend customer and in some the bad cleaning aspect of the store.

Apart from that, one comment I red on Hampstead NC store (4,8*) shows a practice to attract customers to different products, pls see below:

Samantha Duerr avaliou Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries — 5 estrela
26 de dezembro de 2016 às 21:18 ·

This is my family's top pick burger restaurant. The staff is very attentive and welcoming. My kids love trying to get the gumball color of the day to win a free cup of frozen custard. Everything on the menu is delicious and who can say no to a sample of their custard while you wait for your food? I'm totally addicted to this place.

I see not only the idea of a game to entretain kids, but also a sample to present the custard to new customers....

Its an idea, not necessarily must be copied, but again, customers cannot see Hwy as it would be McDonald's (this is not fast food), but customer must be aware of it and regarded for the wainting time with good service and product.


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  1. Amanda Ramirez :

    Hi Alcides,

    Please keep this suggestion in mind and let’s talk about it on our next monthly meeting.

    Thank you for your feedback, we are open to ideas to improve!

  2. Alcides.Ferreira.HWY.101 :

    Good! I will do that.
    Just one information: Are the financials for December ready? I would like to go for it.
    Best Regards

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