Meeting Notes 1/6/16

Alcides -
1) Can we raise sales volume without changing staff
2) Cost of product was improved as well, numbers are much better, very happy about that
3) Raise the sales volumes again, need to regain it.

Payroll looks off
__ JR needs to double check payroll percentage

December had 5 Fridays, thats why payroll was higher, food is the same way as well. Food is posted every Friday, need to find out if Len does the same thing

__ Len When is food cost reported

Atmosphere is better, restaurant is cleaner, employees love working there, night and day better, employees were all changed, only 3 ppl stay.
Sales cant be judged yet, but
December is not a great month, because people go out shopping, no major retail around us.
Summer time, soccer tournaments, they plan on getting involved, get new customers, people from all over the state will come, they need to start marketing before that.

Patrick is getting coached by Sabrina, he's very confident, is doing very well

___ Sabrina to meet Patric on training he hasnt completed, sent to him several times but he has not done it yet. Needs to present to Sabrina next week, fundamentals, SW feels hes not taking it seriously

__JR to follow up with Patrick on this training, he needs to be ready by next week

Patrick indicated he wasnt receiving information so its delayed, falling behind

We have a goal for Patrick, his marketing goal is to hit 2 to 3 business, go to chamber and report back, we have a scheduled meeting with andy to strategize new manager announcement and how we will get PR for that, provided a list for businesses to patrick, needs to find potential opportunities for marketing and he needs to be completing his activities, SW to meet with him to go over progress and training. He seems really comfortable with those tasks, he will also be giving coupons, free lunch cards .

Direct mailer - JR - There's some out there, 3 different mailers that go out, doesnt know percentage of return, need to get data, trying to decided which ones work the ones that dont. Some coupons work in diferent parts of state but we need to keep testing it out

Increase customer count - JR- It's a process, it will take some time, getting name out, quality of staff is important, brand recognition will get people coming back, need to get repeat customers, staying in course,

SW - We've been working on social media, commenting on every customers that comes in, Catherine will be setting up other social medias, Yelp and a couple of others

__ SW Ask Andy in meeting abut FB advertising and channels of marketing he uses

Alcides thinks staff should go table to table asking how they are, about new manager, please comment on our social media, we wanna make sure you have a good experience, this is not only about food, but about treating you right, make you feel good.

SW says we've seen a decrease in negative reviews, Patrick is already doing that, goes to tables, asks how service is

Alcides want to find out how he can participate better in all the data hes getting, he's getting trained as well and wants to bring new ideas to JR, this is a team effort

Alcides would like to visit store, when 2 stores are running

Late February, beginning of March opening of Taylors
Plans were submitted end of year, so city is taking a lot time to return plans back
Construction is happening, interviewing for potential managers
The sooner we ca get manager hired, we need to start training them right away, we have a week long training in NC that will start training them right away


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