Meeting between Sabrina and Patrick 1/11/17

Achieved since last meeting

Went to a couple dealerships
JR told him to focus on labor for the day
Stopped by the chamber of commerce

Revised goal:

Hit 3-4 companies on 1 day a week for about 15-20 mins each. He's having difficulty fitting the original goal in.

Actively training an assistant (Shania) to free him up to do more marketing

issue is that they will take care of the store but they don't have a complete handle on the expense controls and how all that works. He is working on getting her fully up to speed in order to free him up

Chamber Lady

She said look online and wasn't helpful.
___(PK) going to Google around to see if there are other chambers in the area
___ review the online events and send a list of events to Sabrina

He understands and agrees that Table Touches is extremely important and is committed to do that as often as humanly possible while at the store.

Server and bartender as previous job. Used to do table touch.
He feels the same way. That's the norm and is absolutely required for him. He's working on his time management. He is not used to working 80 hours a week so it's an adjustment for him but he is getting it under control.


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