Meeting between Sabrina and Andy HWY55

Meeting with Andy

Reached out to 150 PR.
Reintroduction to the community
Good picture of the operator
Meet the new operator
Onboard with the mission.
Got to know Patrick, went to training school together.
Send to local media outlets and do FB boost.
__ Lindsay account rep, call and talk to Patrick. She would write the press release. Send to us for approval. Free. HWY pays them on retainer. Patrick is excited to be interviewed and in the paper. Turn around (2 weeks)
Important to not bash the store in the past.
Combine with a facebook post. Andy will be happy to do that. Create some potential copy for it and send it to us for approval. once post gets done, write it up. Corporate will pay for boost as well. They have a decent ad spend.
He thinks it will be a good process.
P: said he is working 80 hours a week.
Chamber of commerce
lady was very unhelpful.
They are after large cos
Found out how to go online and find the event info.
Andy is going to handle this.


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