Management Update

Message from GM - Lisa which recaps the visit between Jin Wu (Dia Yan's management representative) and Lisa

Hi All,

I wanted to recap the discussions that Jin Wu and I had regarding Dai. Yan’s salon especially Sweetwater.
I believe that he had a good week here and has a confidence that we will get Sweetwater to breakeven as quickly as we can. He wants to help get this salon successful.
He likes the location, the team and what we have planned to do.

Based on our discussions here are the action items that we need to do. Jin Wu gave approval on all of this:

Fix ceiling cost is $350
Floor- stripped cleaned and resealed approx. $300

Salon identity and awareness:
Banner with regular price
Window decals with FS branding to increase visibility in center. I will contact vendor to get pricing.
New flag- I brought one from Oceanside North to replace the worn tattered one that they have.
Change sign spinner to weekdays only to drive traffic on slower days. Weekends are doing well without sign spinner

Marketing and Advertising;
Mailer during back to school which will be late July early August 5,000-8,000
Marketing cards for business to business
Explore Groupon offer.
Increase Face book ads
School Fundraiser with National City Elementary School district in August September
Chamber events and Ribbon Cutting
Email Blasts

Communication with Jin:
He would like us to include him in all communications regarding Sweetwater.
Add him to Nestcam
Send weekly dashboard report
Would like Supersalon access
Send him my weekly sales report

Otto Plaza:
Wants to see this location sold as quickly and for as much as possible so that Dai.Yan can use money and resources for Sweetwater.

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  1. Sabrina Wall :

    From Jin:

    Hello everyone,

    I am not sure if we will have enough money for 5k mailer yet. We might need that money for daily operation. Let’s see the performance of May, June, and early July before spending the money. Please confirm with me one more time at the end of June or early July to do the mailer.

    The repairs and additional banner are needed. The tree in front of salon is a little bit high and it blocks our logo. Please let me know the price when it’s available. Thanks


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