Investment at Risk

Hello Mr. Di Yang,

We sent an update letter with no reply. We have closed 2 of your locations. We are working with our immigration attorney and another investor to raise capital to save the investment. We attempted to get a credit line, but were not successful in doing so.

We have not given up hope and are still working through potential solutions for your account.


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  1. Sabrina Wall :

    On Oct 16, 2015, at 1:32 AM, “DAVID HOU” <> wrote:

    > Hi Sabrina:
    > I just called the agent for yangdi, he said Mr Yang didnt receive any email, he will inform Mr yang asap.

  2. Sabrina Wall :

    Hi Sabrina:

    Mr yang di has provided the new email address, please send email to this new address in future:


  3. Sabrina Wall :

    Had conference call with Di Yang today and KVB. He wants to move forward with selling the assets of Jamacha, reopening the Plaza location and getting to the job count with just the 1 location or if at a later date we can open a second location from profits, do that then. He is going to send a confirmation through email. He asked that we send him my direct email. I did that.

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