December 2015 – Performance and Marketing Updates

Hi Jacky,

I just had a long call with your GM and we discussed the locations and your priority and focus. We are doing a couple things here.

1) She is going to reduce the payroll at Bayshore so we can get the numbers in line faster by her working on her days off as a stylist.
2) Bayshore has a big restaurant right next store that is about to open and the other retailers are starting to open as well so that location is picking up and the construction is finishing.
3) Carolina Beach the lowest performing store is in a VERY busy shopping area, but the store is not visible from the road and is not on the signage. They won’t let us do yard signs which is why this location is struggling. We are going to get a giant balloon that says Fantastic Sams to put on the roof so people know we are there. We are working out the details on Saturday during a marketing meeting Regina and I are having. We have to get a permit, so we will let you know as soon as we have more details.
4) We are holding all rent payments for all locations.
5) I will ask Dick to hold all royalties again. They were stopped but he started them again so I will negotiate that.
6) Regina and I are putting together 7 days of community events for Carolina Beach Rd and Bayshore. For instance, a seniors day, a girls night, game day for guys, color day, kids day and Friday night up do’s. We are going to make them big flashy events to gain the attention of passersby. I’ll have more soon on the details of that. She said she is really working the payroll and expenses at those locations to get you at break even.


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