Construction Update 3/4/2015

Good Afternoon Ms. Wang Ying,

FranVest Management would like to provide you with the following construction update:

Loc1 4698 S. Whitnall Ave, Saint Francis, WI 53235
This location is the next up for opening. Paul, your GM, is setting up the training dates and delivery of furniture and signage are on time! We will be opening at the end of March, stay tuned!

Loc2 2345 Ryan Road, Oak Creek, WI 53154
We have identified your second location and we are in LOI process. Our team from Wisconsin will have a final meeting tomorrow, March 5 of 2015, to get an approval on the LOI and move to Lease phase! This location is ideal and is right on budget!

We will be providing you with brief bi-weekly updates on the progress of your stores as well as a monthly email construction update as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions!


FranVest Management


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