Combined Bank Balances

10/9/15 - $57,025
10/21/15 - $51,648 Decrease in investment balance

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  1. LI.JIAQI.SALON.121 :

    What is the current bank balance? $51,648?

    I remember that you said the balance is decreasing week by week for about $900 per week. How did the balance decrease over $5,000 in 12 days?

  2. Sabrina Wall :

    Here are the week by week balances since 6/1

    10/19/15 – $51,638

    You have a new store. Depending on the promotions we run to drive traffic to the store, you will see increased payroll to handle the clients from promotions they did that week, however the customers are bringing in coupons which greatly discount their services. Discounting the services is the fastest way to drive traffic in. Then we have to upsell the customers once they are there.

    We just tested a grand opening program that worked extremely well in another area. We are training the team on how to do it this week. This should drive in strong guest count and you employees do a good job of getting the ticket average up. It’s the guest count that is more challenging.

    I am talking to your team tomorrow and we are reviewing their payroll this past week. I will let you know more tomorrow after we have the review and pre-planning for the grand opening.

    I will keep updating your bank balances so we have strong communication. Thanks for the message. We are here for you.


  3. LI.JIAQI.SALON.121 :

    Thanks for sharing the bank balances with me. Also, I am glad to hear that you are taking actions to get the guest count and the ticket average up. As always, let us keep in touch and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.


  4. Sabrina Wall :

    Combined Bank Balances
    10/29/15 $44,022 Decrease – payroll week

  5. Sabrina Wall :

    11/2/15 – $42,847 decrease in balances

  6. Sabrina Wall :

    11/16/15 $37,617 decrease in balance
    11/23/15 $23,231 decrease in balance
    11/30/15 $26,481 increase in balance

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