Camera at Surf City

The cameras are up at Surf City. We have 2 now to show the front and back doors.

Here is the log in information

The internet is down at the location today so we have a tech coming to fix it, but it should be back up shortly.

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  1. LI.JIAQI.SALON.121 :

    I tried to login, but it said the email address or the password is incorrect.

  2. Sabrina Wall :

    I’m sorry about that.

    I gave you the wrong email.

    I just checked. The internet there is still not working so it shows offline, but you should be able to log in.

    • LI.JIAQI.SALON.121 :

      That is quite all right. Actually, I figured out the correct email address based on the previous two login email address given to me.
      Today, I showed the camera of Carolina Beach to my parents, and they were very excited about it. However, the Bayshore only has back door camera, and the front door camera is off. The Surf City is offline. Could you ask them to work it out as soon as possible please? We are very happy to watch the store remotely. Thank you so much.

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