Business Expo Event in Wilmington

All of your managers attended a large event to promote the salon today in Wilmington. Here is a picture of them at the booth.

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  1. LI.JIAQI.SALON.121 :

    That looks great. If it is possible, could I have their names please? I want to get to know about our team even if I was not there. Thank you.

  2. Sabrina Wall :

    Your managers are as follows.

    On the far left: Christine – She manages the Bayshore location
    Next to her is Ashley – She manages the Surf City location
    Then the blonde girl next to Ashley is Carrie – She manages the Carolina Beach location
    Then in the middle next to Carrie is Regina. Regina is the GM who oversee’s them.

    The rest of the managers are for other investors stores.

    You’re so sweet to want to get to know them. You’re a good boss.

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