The North Carolina region of FranVest’s Fantastic Sams salons donated over $20,000 to Dukes Childrens Hospital.  The region also donated a portion of all hair cuts over the same day to the hospital.

Duke Children’s Hospital is a self-contained “hospital within a hospital” on the fifth floor of Duke University Hospital. … Read More

FranVest Management has been very busy over the last few months with the construction of several new locations. We are excited to announce the opening of 13 new Fantastic Sams locations for nine of our investors. These stores will be opening across California, North Carolina and Wisconsin.  The opening of … Read More


FranVest Management is proud to announce the openings of multiple locations of Fantastic Sams Hair Salons in the San Diego area.  Locations opening within a month include:

San Diego
National City

These photos … Read More

So this weekend I took the family to a truly quintessential American event… A corn maze.

Now for those who don’t know what a corn maze is let me explain. A corn maze is a place where a farmer who grows lots of corn decides to create a maze of paths … Read More

FranVest Management continues to expand it’s international reach with its unique EB-5 franchise based direct investment immigration program


Oct. 22, 2014 – ORLANDO, Fla. — FranVest Management continues to … Read More

FranVest Management, creator of the proprietary Managed Franchised Based Direct Investment EB-5 program brought their concept to Taipei Taiwan as part of it’s worldwide Trade Missions. Peter Sorensen, Global Business Development Director, met with with several migration agents as well as individual investor groups who have invested to date nearly … Read More

Franchise Immigration Specialists in our network have made enroads in working with migration agents around the globe including countries such as China, Korea, South East Asia, India, Brazil, Middle East, Africa and Russia.

“Franchise Immigration Specialists who complete our certification are … Read More

FranVest America’s latest groundbreaking for our Immigrant Candidates has begun. Franchise Locations include:

San Diego, CA
National City, CA
Oceanside, CA
Wilmington, NC
Milwaukee, WI
Beloit, WI

with Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL on the horizon. FranVest’s team of operations professionals are meticulous in defining growing areas … Read More

FranVest is Proud to be able to currently offer these two dynamic and growing franchise concepts with proven and fast direct job creation. Hwy 55 burgers with over 100 restaurants operating for over 20 years and Fastastic Sams … Read More

FranVest Management, creator of the proprietary “Managed Franchise Direct EB-5 Investment Program”, has successfully submitted their first group of I-526 filings for its large group of Immigrant Candidates. FranVest’s Managed Franchise Direct Model is the only EB-5 model of … Read More

I can truly say that I know a lot of people. Now, I’m not a name dropper but I must say that even I was impressed that I was able to meet the best known Sith Lord, (although recently voted the worst Sith Lord … Read More


I came across an article about an EB-5 project in Vermont this morning that truly will open the eyes of anyone wishing to use EB-5 as a method to immigrate to the United States. Here are some choice quotes from the piece courtesy of
“A … Read More


As you know, at FranVest we are not an EB-5 Regional Center investment model. Our Direct Investment Managed Franchise Model is unique to this immigration investment space and I believe we are second to none.

That being said, people often try to draw commonalities between … Read More

Brazil is known for its amazing beaches, fantastic food served on swords, and, of course, this year’s World Cup.  What Brazil is also known for now are those seeking to make the US their home by using the EB-5 program. Wealthy investors from fast-growing cities … Read More

Can You Imagine A World With No Hypotheticals?
A recent article from the The National Law Review touted the shortening of I-924 processing times (For the lay person, an I-924 is a Regional … Read More

I meet a lot of people in my travels around the world and when I meet those who wish to immigrate to the US via the EB-5 program they often tell me about various options available to them and … Read More

The US is on track to issue 10,000 investor-based green cards this year – a number that has dwarfed the number of just a few hundred from around 4 years ago. So where do all of these new “soon-to-be” Americans like to flock to?

Las Vegas.

These investors are placing … Read More

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Many of the FBA’s Franchise Immigration Specialist (FIS) Brokers are seeing success through their outreach to Immigration Attorneys. The brokers who are experiencing the most success are building strong relationships with their attorneys and showing their value as a highly trained franchise expert. They are using their experience to place … Read More

After attending the Invest in America 2014 Summit and Exhibition in Shanghai, China, on March 22-23, 2014, FranVest team members Bill McKay and Pete Sorensen then departed on a trade mission to several major Chinese cities, hosted by our friends at … Read More